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European School 2014
10 - 15 October

at the International Theosophical Centre
Naarden - The Netherlands

'In the Beginning was the Word'
Discovering the Logos in Kosmos and Man

Speakers: David Roef and Pablo Sender
Other speakers to be announced later


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In the Beginning was the Word...

This famous opening line to the Gospel of John is intuitively recognized by many readers as a bijasutra, a seminal maxim pointing to divine mind and speech as the source of existence. Although "Word" is an inadequate rendering of the original Greek term Logos, it still intimates a fundamental esoteric teaching, i.e. that behind and within the universe operates a power of "reason", an ordering principle of mediation and relationship which forms the living heart of the cosmic pattern. As HPB explains in The Secret Doctrine (ii 25): "The esoteric meaning of the word Logos (speech or word, Verbum) is the rendering in objective expression, as in a photograph, of the concealed thought. The Logos is the mirror reflecting DIVINE MIND, and the Universe is the mirror of the Logos, though the latter is the esse of that Universe." The Logos can be seen as a metaphysical bridge linking together heaven and earth, the material and spiritual orders of existence. And whenever the Logos becomes flesh, there is sacred testimony to the Great Sacrifice and Great Renunciation of all Avatars, all Divine Incarnations. At this year's European School we will examine, in 10 lectures and 7 study sessions, different aspects of the theosophical doctrine on the Logos. Each day the focus will be on one specific topic which allows us to have a lucid and coherent exploration of the whole theme.

Topics include the Logos teaching in ancient philosophy and inner christianity; Father-Mother-Son or the mystery of the three Logoi; Fohat, the dynamic energy of divine thought; the correspondences between cosmic and human mind; the visible and spiritual Sun; the mystical birth of the Word in man; Christos: the Logos in the Gospel of John; Krishna: the Word in the Bhagavad Gita.

Main speakers and study leaders: David Roef and Pablo Sender

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A Collation from The Secret
Doctrine on the Genesis of the
Earth and Mankind'.

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The European School is grateful to the Blavatsky Trust, the Foundation for Theosophical Studies and the Blavatsky Lodge (London) for their most generous donations which enable us to organise our events.

The European School of Theosophy

The aim of the School is to provide opportunities in Europe to study the original teachings of modern theosophy in order to ensure the continuing preservation and dissemination of the esoteric philosophy as recorded in the writings of H.P.Blavatsky and related source literature. This primary focus upon the original teachings enables students, wherever and however situated, to discover for themselves the value of recognizing the divergence between theosophy and pseudo-theosophy. Furthermore, the School invites students to examine the relevance of theosophical ideas and ideals for current developments within the field of comparitive philosophy, religion and science.

The European School of Theosophy was launched in October 1982 at Tekels Park, Camberley (England), with a one-week programme of intensive study.
Subsequent Schools have offered similar programmes,


the basis of the work being the modern theosophical classics, especially The Secret Doctrine and other writings of H.P.B. and The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. The School is not part of any organisation, theosophical or otherwise, and is solely organised on the basis of loyalty to the original teachings and objects of the theosophical movement. The School has no by-laws or officers and is being led by an autonomous group of students who only wish to call themselves 'organisers' of the School.

The language of the School is necessarily English but its location may vary from year to year depending on the availability of suitable accommodation. Since its inauguration at Tekels Park in England, the School has met in Germany, Holland (ITC), Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Wales, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Scotland and Hungary.